Triggers: A Love/Hate Relationship

For this installment of PGSQL Phriday #007, Lætita Avrot asked us to blog about triggers in PostgreSQL. Love them, like them, or hate them, triggers often… well… trigger strong reactions. 😂 To get an idea of why triggers can cause so many reactions, I want to give a really brief history of triggers (from my … Read more

What I Wish I Had Known About PostgreSQL

For PGSQL Phriday #006, Grant Fritchey asked us to think about one of the helpful tidbits that we wish we had known earlier about PostgreSQL as we tried to learn using it effectively. Like myself and so many others, Grant has come to PostgreSQL with years of experience in another database platform, primarily SQL Server. … Read more

Relational or Non-relational Postgres?

For PGSQL Phriday #005, Ryan Lambert asked us to think about how we use PostgreSQL for non-relational workloads. I’ve been following Ryan’s work for a few years now (his blog posts are 💯) and every time I connect with him about mapping and Postgres, I walk away with way more knowledge than I contributed to … Read more