PostgreSQL for the SQL Server DBA: The First Four Settings to Check

Five years ago, I began my transition back to using PostgreSQL full-time, and it wasn’t the smoothest journey. One of the biggest reasons I struggled to make progress learning PostgreSQL early on was simply not knowing what I should be looking for. In fact, I often have conversations multiple times a month about the differences … Read more

Triggers: A Love/Hate Relationship

For this installment of PGSQL Phriday #007, Lætita Avrot asked us to blog about triggers in PostgreSQL. Love them, like them, or hate them, triggers often… well… trigger strong reactions. 😂 To get an idea of why triggers can cause so many reactions, I want to give a really brief history of triggers (from my … Read more

The Cognitive Load of Licensing

An image with many doors in a row, all the same color. Text reads "The Cognitive Load of Licensing"

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Redgate headquarters in Cambridge, UK. It was my first time traveling to England, being at the main office, and meeting so many coworkers IRL. I had (Gluten free!) fish & chips, a proper English breakfast, and came home with a sampling of traditional English sweets to … Read more