Over the last two years, as I’ve been working more closely on our application database (a database with nearly 20 years of history), one simple question keeps coming up as I work on old scripts and prepare new changes. Should we use a DROP/CREATE or CREATE/ALTER pattern for Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, and Triggers? Because … Read more

Shipping Database Changes

T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly event where SQL Server bloggers write a post based on a subject chosen by the month’s host. This month’s #tsql2sday event is being hosted by James Anderson (b|t) and this months topic is: Shipping Database Changes. This month’s #tsql2sday topic couldn’t have come at a better time.  We’re once again faced with … Read more

Easy, Free Lead Magnets for WordPress

Do you want to grow your blog by creating a Lead Magnet? Connect with new potential readers by offering something in exchange for their contact information, a name and email address. When my wife, Laura, was ready to offer her first lead magnet landing page I thought it would be an easy task.  I thought, “Surely, … Read more