Save the Date! PostgreSQL at the 2023 PASS Data Community Summit

A little over a month ago I shared that the 2023 PASS Data Community Summit, held from November 14-17 at the Seattle Convention Center, is expanding the program to include more PostgreSQL content. In that post, I encouraged folks in the PostgreSQL community to submit sessions so that we could present a 💯 track dedicated to amazing PostgreSQL content.

I’m happy to report that many folks within the PostgreSQL community heard the call for support! The submissions of PostgreSQL focused sessions exceeded our goal for the first year of this focus and I’m confident that the program will be a perfect mix of content from introduction to advanced functionality.

While Summit has historically been a conference focused on SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform technology, it’s clear that most developers and DBAs are being asked to support multiple database platforms. Increasingly, PostgreSQL is part of that picture more than almost any other relational database. 🎉

We want PASS Data Community Summit to be the best in-person, data-focused conference of 2023. To do that, we need to help users become more familiar with PostgreSQL and strengthen the knowledge of current PostgreSQL users.

And, who knows, some of my PostgreSQL community friends might learn something new about SQL Server and the Microsoft platform. 🙂

I outlined in the previous post why this collaboration between two communities matters to me, but now that it’s coming together, I’m more excited than ever. Let me explain one more time for the folks in the back! 👋

PASS + PostgreSQL = ❤️

I literally just got off a call with a Redgate client talking about how all of our enterprise tools are incorporating support for PostgreSQL. It’s fun to talk about and demonstrate, but mostly because I was a Redgate client years ago as I worked day-to-day with my team managing a growing SQL Server environment.

It was through interactions with companies like Redgate and the PASS community that I formed my expectations around conferences, community support, and career development. It was this experience that caused me to ask openly on Twitter a few years ago, “Hey, where do I find PostgreSQL community similar to what I’ve known within PASS and the #SQLFamily?”

I’m thankful that a few PostgreSQL community hero’s saw my request and reached out, helping me to navigate a vibrant community that was just… different. Seeing these two communities start to interact with each other is exciting to me and I think there’s a great opportunity to collaborate in new ways in the future.

Save the Date!

While I can’t share any details of the specific content yet, I wanted to put out a “save the date” post because the full schedule won’t be posted until July. There were more than 800 submissions during the CFP and it takes time to evaluate all of them.

But, I can share a few key things right now, hoping it entices you to get this conference on your radar and seriously consider attending.

Pre-conference Training (announced mid-May)

I can confirm that there will be a full-day PostgreSQL focused session sometime Monday or Tuesday of the conference. The session is on a unique capability of PostgreSQL and something I can’t wait to sit in on and grow my knowledge. I’m super excited about this one in particular, mostly because the trainer is 💯!!

PostgreSQL Learning Pathway (announced mid-May)

I’ve been responsible for this track specifically and it’s been a delight to connect with some of the best in the PostgreSQL space to discuss how we could create a learning track that’s 🔥. Everyone has confirmed their participation and we’re just finalizing the details.

What I can say is that the track will contain five sessions that empower someone with a limited amount of PostgreSQL experience to walk away with a solid grasp of how to get started with PostgreSQL and the aspects that are most important to understand first, including some query tuning 🥷activity.

You won’t want to miss this!

General Sessions (announced mid-July)

The remainder of the PostgreSQL track will be comprised of talks selected from the outpouring of really engaging submissions we received. Based on those sessions, there’s a good chance we’ll have sessions about new features in PostgreSQL, how to monitor PostgreSQL effectively, what a distributed PostgreSQL environment looks like, how wait statistics work, and more.

There were so many good submissions, so I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

See you in Seattle!

Tickets to Summit are already on sale. Launch pricing is available until the beginning of June, and early bird through the end of July.

Come support a new collaboration, experience an excellent conference with a great lineup of speakers, and help build the PostgreSQL community to new audiences far and wide. 🐘